What is your super power?

You have been created with super powers from the Supreme Being. Our Creator created us with unique super powers; His gifts and talents. You have been stitched and threaded with unique DNA, downloaded specifically to the one and only you. God designed you, for specific purposes in mind. No one else can fulfill those purposes he has in mind, specifically for you.🌟

So what are those gifts and talents He has designed you with? Are they musical, coaching, artistic, creating, building, solving, fixing, edifying, counseling, loving, giving, preaching, delivering wisdom, knowledge, praying, believing? 🌟

Be more, live more of these super powers that our Supreme Maker has blessed you with. 🌟

Feeling low on fuel in these areas? Ask the Holy Spirit to infiltrate every square inch of your soul, asking Him to bless and magnify His gifts and talents in and through you, for His kingdom and glory. In Jesus name, be blessed AMAZING YOU.🌟