Prophetic Word and Art

Thank you Ricardo Colon for praying and seeking the Lord on my behalf. I receive this word with a humble and grateful heart. I am honored and blessed. All praise to our glorious King Jesus and His work on the Cross.

~ Tanya Phillips

Title: A mantle of multi-colors

As I was praying for you. I saw this vision of you in an ocean. It appeared that you were stepping out. At that moment, an opening in the sky like a portal opened up, and this chariot of fire came out from there. And in his hand was a mantle. This mantle was not your ordinary one like the one dropped on Elisha. That mantle was a prophet’s mantle. (please read 2Kings 2) This mantle in this painting is a bit different, being that you are a daughter of the most high God. Under a new covenant with Jesus Christ. We have access to the gifts that God has freely bestowed upon us. This particular mantle is multi-colored. Signifying that there are all the gifts of the Holy Spirit in this mantle. The gift of wisdom, prophecy, teaching, evangelism, the word of knowledge, etc. These gifts are on this mantle for those who catch it.
You are that person. In Elijah, the prophet told Elisha that if he sees him go up in a chariot of fire, he can have that mantle. As you prayed and interceded, your prayers went up, your requests went up, and you’ve seen the hand of God in answer to prayer in your life and in the lives of others. So you have seen the Lord at work, which makes you worthy as his daughter to carry this mantle. Ready yourself for there is a work at hand to be done. The Lord has equipped you with these gifts. He has seen your heart and sees your passion for him. Consecrate yourself holy unto God, for he will walk with you as Elijah walked with Elisha. He will be your teacher. He will be your mentor. And the time will come, perhaps even now, where you will see this mantle because you have seen the works of the Lord as Elisha saw the chariots of fire. Pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to clarify this vision in greater detail. He will show you more than I could ever see. We only see in part.

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