Happy 9 year anniversary!

Happy 9 year anniversary to us! A picture from our first year together as a busy family, and a picture from this weekend as our first quiet year as empty nesters.

Jim says “Write the caption for our train track picture to say ‘The miles we have traveled! Some days were a train wreck, some days were not.’”

I am thankful that most days, the train arrives to its’ scheduled destination, sometimes chugging and sputtering, sometimes right on time, and on those “train wreck” days, that God is always helping to get us back on track!


I am so excited, humbled and honored to be a member of the prayer team again for this year’s SpeakUp Conference for writer’s, speakers, and leaders!

This conference is life-changing and will equip you and take you to the next level, while connecting you with some pretty special people with amazing stories and experiences from around the world!

Please share with anyone you think that would be interested or would benefit from these amazing opportunities.