First Scripture Read on Moon 50 Years Ago

Did you know that one of the first acts that occurred when our brave astronauts landed on the moon 50 years ago was Buzz Aldrin reading scripture, John 15:5, and taking Holy communion; the body of Christ. Buzz Aldrin acknowledged and knew that none of that would be possible without our Supreme Creator, Yahweh.

Neil Armstrong acknowledges Jesus. Neil Armstrong was the first person on that mission to step foot on the moon. As his foot touched the powdery surface he declared “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 25 years later, Neil visited the old city of Jerusalem. He asked his host if Jesus himself actually would have walked right where he was walking at that moment. The answer was yes. Armstrong stated “So Jesus stepped right here?’   “That’s right,” answered his host.  Neil then stated “I have to tell you, I am more excited stepping on these stones than I was stepping on the moon.”   Neil was giving glory and honor to walking in the same steps where Jesus Christ, our way to Heaven, our Creator had walked.

Peace, Tanya Phillips

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