Joy Seekers

Joy seekers!
Friends, do you feel depleted of one of God’s gifts that He has blessed us all with the ability to have?
Could it be that we are sabotaging our own ability to His precious gift of Joy?
We spend so much time looking down with our noses in our smartphones. So much time that we have forgotten to look up and appreciate the simple things in life that do bring us actual, true joy.
Like telling a joke. When is the last time you told or heard a joke? What is the end result of a joke? LAUGHTER my friends! What does laughter bring? JOY! I am not talking about reading a joke to yourself off your smartphone. I am talking about sharing a single moment with another human being that comes from sharing a joke together. The eye contact, the captive audience, the punch line, and the shared moment of the sound of laughter vibrating in your souls together. This single moment can provide your depleted soul that necessary medicine it so desperately needs ~ JOY!
So…why not take a minute and order up some joy with a side a laughter for yourself and others today; go tell someone a good [clean😉] joke!
Proverbs 17:22 Laughter is good medicine….


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