Your Value In Your Home
Are you having a day where you feel like you have no value in your home? Like, what is the point!? Everyone is grumbling; kids, the spouse, the hamster…. You are trying to display the Fruit of the Spirit, but is anybody listening? Do they even notice or care? What am I doing this for?
God cares my friends. God sees your fruit and your efforts. He knows you are trying and your willingness to be His vessel in your home will be rewarded, if not on earth, but in our Heavenly home one day.
We may never know what seeds we have planted. We may never know if or how we have watered seeds that were already planted. But is it really for us to know?
If we are truly desiring to be God’s vessel, to be used by Him in every facet of our lives as a parent or spouse, who’s Glory is it? Ours or our Heavenly Father’s?
Our blessed role is to get up in the morning, get on our knees and ask our Lord God “How can I be your hands, feet and mouth today Lord? What can I do for you today? Please make me and mold me in to the person you would have me be today. I pray for all divine appointments. I pray that you help me be the just right parent to each child that I have an opportunity to minister and love today. I pray that I am the just right spouse to my significant other that you have blessed me with today. Thank you Lord, for an opportunity to be Jesus in the flesh to each person that I encounter today in my household, whether it be in person, on the phone, or through text. Help me make a difference for Your Kingdom today and may you receive all of the honor and glory for it. Thank you Lord, In Jesus’s name, Amen.
*Empty me of me God…Less of me, more of You Lord.
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Author: Tanya Phillips

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