How do we keep the peace and sanity in our home?

Day 2 of Tanya Phillips’ devotional: Grace For Blended Families


 Psalm 127:3 says Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him.”  However, differences in how we raise them can be a great source of contention between ourselves and our spouse.  How do we keep the peace and sanity in our home during the child rearing years and teenage years?  How do we keep from reenacting the Battle of Gettysburg in our own living room with the two families that we have blended together?

Perseverance.  The thesaurus’ words for perseverance include: persistence, dedication, steadfastness, grit, stamina, endurance.  When we are ready to run, ready to put the for-sale sign in the front yard, our steadfast perseverance is what keeps us here to do the right thing.  To do what God has called us to do.

Hebrews 10:36 “You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”

How do we persevere during times of battle?  The answer: God, prayer, His word.  It seems too simple for these gritty, grueling times, but it really is that simple.  Drawing strength from getting on our knees, opening His word, reading scripture, confessing our anguish to Him, surrendering it all, asking for His guidance and strength.


Lord God, I am battling.  I am tired and frustrated.  This blended family journey is a struggle and I confess to you I don’t always want to do the right thing.  I want to run sometimes God.  Often, things don’t always seem fair.  It feels like a constant battle; a losing battle some days.  But God, You never waver.  You never give up.  You are always there for me, and I thank you for that God.  Thank you that you love me no matter what, and that you never leave me. Please forgive me for my sins and unforgiving heart. Please change my heart and my thoughts Lord so that they are in alignment with yours. I pray that I have willingness to do what you want me to do in this household. I pray for the perseverance to do your Will in this household. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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